The New Jersey FairTax organization, just like the national organization AFFT (Americans For Fair Taxation) is all volunteer.  We welcome your involvement in any way you can.  Your donations pay for our registration fees, costs of handouts, website costs, etc.  You can donate directly to FairTax New Jersey here:

You can donate to AFFT here:

AFFT also has the 1040 Club, for those who wish to contribute $10.40 monthly through a credit card here:

You can sign up for regular email updates at  You will receive weekly updates from the national organization and monthly updates from the New Jersey organization.  There may be specific updates related to your congressional district.

Our activities include:

Information tables at various events.

Making presentations to various groups.

Marching in parades.

Writing letters to newspaper editors.

Writing letters and making phone calls to congressional offices.

Making comments and correcting misinformation about the FairTax in online comments.

Promoting the FairTax on social media.

We have people wiling to travel anywhere in the state to present the FairTax.  If you belong to or know of a group that would like such a presentation, please contact us at